About Us

We are your go-to community as an aggregator, connecting potential buyers with service providers & suppliers with a focussed approach for the event & entertainment industry.

  • As a community, we are bringing together potential buyers with service providers & suppliers from all genres, to ensure the right conversations about the products & services to make your event a huge success!
  • As an aggregator, we are bridging the gap between products & service provides and consumers, such as yourselves.


To streamline the event industry by providing a DIY platform connecting the stakeholders across regions.


To have each & every stakeholder affiliated with the event industry to showcase their product(s) / service(s) and in turn connect potential buyers & sellers, be it an end consumer or agency.


  • Innovate & Collaborate
  • Co-create & Excel
  • Raise the bar with your Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Be responsible
  • Show integrity & passion
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